Nov 10, 2007

Goldsmiths MFA 2007 Update

Since moving back to NY, I've been in touch with various classmates from my MFA at Goldsmiths via Google Chat:

  • Erin Crowe is currently in Bahrain, where she mentioned that she has a great studio setup.

  • Frog Morris remains as nutty as ever. He told me has was happy with his new Goldsmiths degree, and even more happy it was behind him. Pretty much how I feel.

  • Lawman Lok is back in China, said he is happy to be home, though missing the folks from Goldsmiths.

  • Yaron Lapid showed me some new work he is making. Along with Chia En, he is in a screening at Whitechapel Gallery.

I also visited the websites of my Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art 2007 classmates (see the links in the sidebar of this blog). The video artists seem to have been particularly active since our degree show. Here's some links to various people with shows:

  • Tu Pei Shih lists screenings in Amsterdam, London, Weimar, Spain, Sweden, France and the Netherlands... a global effort.

  • Chia En Jao has also managed no less than seven shows since the MFA show in July, along with Alexandra Navratil.

  • Paul Allsopp and Andy Weir have an upcoming show in Brighton, Fri Nov 23rd 6-9pm, Permanent Gallery. Their work has also toured the world since our show, going to London, Paris, Istanbul and Vienna.

  • Jorg Obergfell is having a show at the White Cross Gallery, and another at Seven Seven (see his website for details). He is also heading off to be an Artist in Residence in Seoul. I can just picture Jorg climbing sculptures in Seoul.

  • Hillel Roman is back in Isreal, judging from his website, which lists two upcoming shows there (but doesn't give dates or details).

  • Yohei Yashi and Maria-Brigita Karantzi are in the upcoming Bloomberg New Contemporaries show in Manchester, November 23.

Quite a few people haven't put up websites yet, or their sites are not updated - if you start a website or blog, let me know! Or if you know if news or updates, add a comment - or drop me an email (jonmeyer at gmail).

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