Nov 19, 2007

On the cover of Cluster Arts Magazine

I was invited to create the image for the cover of the first issue of Cluster Arts Magazine.

Usually in art magazines, the artist first creates an image, then a writer writes about it, and finally a designer lays out the image and text on the page. I thought it would be interesting to see what happens if this process is reversed. I proposed to editors Ana Cavic and Renee O'Drobinak that we commission a piece of text, have the magazine designer create a basic empty layout, and then I would use these two elements as inputs in my process - to create a "dot-to-dot" diagram using the same number of dots as words in the text.

Surprisingly, the editors said yes - and we created a cover image following this pattern. In the end, however, the editors opted for a simpler image without the words for the final cover... I hadn't really expected to be given the final say, but it was fun to try and I am pleased with the resulting cover.

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