May 27, 2008

Meeting with Nina Katchadourian

Today I had a one-on-one meeting with Nina Katchadourian, the curator for The Drawing Center's Viewing Program. One of the features of being a member of the viewing program is that artists are invited to have one-on-one meetings with the curator once a year.

One of the first things Nina said is that she is a practicing artist, and that immediately changed the tone of the conversation. It eliminated any sense I had of hierarchy between us, and instead we talked artist-to-artist.

We talked about awkwardness, how to let awkwardness be on the surface in digital works, which tend to be so polished. We also talked about the works I made where my thinking is apparent, the "thinking on my feet" aspect of art making, and how this draws out both anxiety and creativity at the same time. The way these two qualities interact seems important in my work.

The meeting left me feeling energized and focused. I'm looking forward to the followup meeting next year.

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