Sep 4, 2008

Visual arts news coverage in New York

Today is one of the biggest art days of the year in New York. lists over 80 openings tonight.

Why today in particular? Because most galleries are closed over the summer, and open their fall season at the start of September. Thursday is the traditional night of the week for openings here. And today is the first Thursday in September.

Reading the New York Times this morning, one would never know this. It is as if contemporary art doesn't exist. No articles, gallery guides, special gallery listings, summary of important openings, "must see" mentions, nothing.

The meager arts coverage in the NYTimes leaves me missing the London newspapers, which have a much stronger visual art coverage, both in terms of breadth and depth of coverage (IMHO).

Anyone else feel that the NYTimes visual art coverage is not up to scratch? Recommend an alternative?

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