Feb 22, 2009

St Ives (again)

St Ives, Cornwall, Jon Meyer

Spent another week of holiday in St Ives in Cornwall. It is fast becoming an annual habit. St Ives is great in the winter months because the weather is generally mild and the views are amazing. Best food was at Gurnards Head, just outside St Ives.

This time we took the train, stopping at the St Erth railway station. I don't mean to sound like a rail geek, but the old mechanical train signals at this station are a wonder. With everything switching over to automatic electronics, its funny to watch the semaphores clank up and down, driven by cables and pulleys, with some folks sitting in a signal hut all day long watching the trains go by and pulling levers. Must be an unusual job. I hope they preserve the signals.

I also picked up a book on the Porthmeor Studios, which are on the beachfront. Like the rail station, these hark back to earlier days, although they are in desperate need of renovation (see this news article.) Amazing story and really cool studios. Plan to try to visit some of the artists there next year... You can also see them in this YouTube Video (better muted).

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