Apr 15, 2011

Liberated! @ ImpromptuSpace


Exhibition by Bob Lake

Presentation by Ignacio Valero


April 22nd, 6pm to midnight

900 Tennessee Street #16, San Francisco, CA 94107

This evening we feature two spaces within the 900 Tennessee Street building. One space presents Liberated!, an exhibition of found objects by artist Bob Lake. The second space features Heat & Noise - photography by Lucy Im and Audry Jones, and music by DJs Vinnie Esparza and Jerry Nice.  

A central claim in art is that it offers freedom or escape. Implicit in this notion is the realization that the previous state, of non-freedom, is left behind. In other words, within freedom is the contradictory concept of loss. True acts of liberation inevitably have buried within them a poignancy at this loss. Bob Lake's unusual exhibition of found objects, collected over a period of several years, amplify this contradiction, pointing both to the possibility of new found freedoms and the ghosts that are left behind. 

Accompanying this exhibition, there is a brief critical lecture by Professor Ignacio Valero at 6.30pm, on themes of the free in art. Ignacio is a theorist at California College of the Arts, well known for his wide ranging insights and spontaneous style of speech.


Photography by iM and Audge
DJs The Count, Jerry Nice and The Others

In the adjacent space is the event Heat & Noise. Lucy Im and Audrey Jones will be exhibiting photographs based on the topic of optics, entropy and work obliquely inspired by the ideas of Kandinsky's musical synesthaesia. DJs Vinnie Esparza and Jerry Nice will be spinning Latin Boogalu, psych and avant-garde jazz. 


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