Apr 8, 2013

The clinamen

The question is never if but rather where to locate the clinamen. In science, they tinkle in the background noise of curled up dimensions and bark at in the incompleteness of set theory. They dance in Al-jazari's Islamic clockwork machines, serving us drinks and divine fortune at the same time. Jarry rides with an invisible tribe of them, while composing imaginary plays about the clinamen who haunt Kant's transcendental. Another tribe causes Derrida to trip on the gap between words. When Plato looks over his shoulder in his cave, a surprised clinamen waves back. Old Descartes gets his fix through his pinneal gland. Meanwhile when Christians praise the blinding wisdom of God, the clinamen chortle and say he is one of us, bien sûr. Afterwards they amble away to lurk in Heidegger's impenetrable shadowy presence. Marx is overcome by the clinamen while measuring labour against labour-power. And Nietzsche? The clinamen are nothing if not tragedy! Wilde fell in love with a bellicose clinaman who previously put Rousseau in chains. In the future Neo's love of Trinity is clinamenical, this from an oracle who knows the clinamen well. Butler relates her visits with the clinawomen who live within the contingent possibilities of structure, but what will really bake your noodle is when Irigaray simultaneously disappears and births a clina Goddess. Impressed by this, Harraway invents the clinaborg. Art has clinamen outposts too, and Barthe's punctum and Krauss's negative condition of sculpture are favorite spots. Clement shouts out that Pollock paints portraits of them, though few these days listen. Epicurus no doubt would delight in all this, and award a special prize to Meillasoux for absolutizing the clinamen of hyperchaos, just before winking into nonexistence.

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