May 19, 2010

Bureaucracy Now!

About 150-200 people came to the exhibition Bureaucracy Now! at my live/work space.

More photos are posted here.

Bureaucracy Now! Parlour No. 15, is the first Parlour exhibition to take place outside of New York City. The show is guest curated by Elysa Lozano for Autonomous Organization and hosted by artist Jon Meyer in his San Francisco live-work space. It features the works of Amy Balkin, Anthony Discenza, Daniel Eatock, Josh Greene, Jonn Herschend, InCUBATE, Packard Jennings, Leo Marz, Jon Meyer, Kristin Neidlinger, Nancy Nowacek, and Royal NoneSuch Gallery.

Titled after the exhibition Utopia Now! at the CCA Wattis in 2001, Bureaucracy Now! references this drive for a better society by:

  • Bureaucracy as a medium for individual agency
  • Management as self-management
  • Bureaucratic engagement as opening a space for debate and negotiation
  • The aesthetics of the office reconfigured or re-invented
  • Examining how organization occurs, and how it can be co-opted

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Les said...

Hi Jon! Wish I could be there for this - there's this big pond getting in the way! Hope it goes well, what you've been up to sounds fascinating. Les xx