May 9, 2010

Commencement at CCA

My classroom

I have just completed my first year as a visiting artist at the California College of the Arts. I created and taught two undergraduate science classes: Body and Cognition, a survey of cognitive science, and The Human as Information Processor, which covered data visualization. I participated in undergraduate curriculum meetings and was on the faculty search committee for the school's first tenure track science faculty. At the graduate level, I advised twelve MFA fine art students, and I created and taught a graduate theory/practice class called Thinking Objects. All told, I taught 60 students, including art, design, curating, fashion, and writing students. In addition to my classes, I gave an invited lecture on String Theory to MFA Textile students, and another on Code to MFA Architecture students. I organized a symposium called the Research Research Symposium, which had fifty attendees. Several of my students told me I had a reputation for being "intense," which I guess means that, after a year on the West coast, I remain a New Yorker.

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